What is probate?
In very basic terms, probate is the legal process that occurs when a person dies. This legal process helps determine a person’s assets, their value and the distribution to heirs as provided by Oklahoma law. Probate transfers all personal and business assets and debts from the deceased to living heirs, paying all necessary taxes in the process. It’s a way for the state to assure all debts and taxes are paid and all property and possessions are passed on to the rightful parties.

Helping you through the process.
When your loved one passes away, the court process can seem confusing, burdensome and cold. At Ihrig Law Firm, we consider it our pleasure to help you through the probate process and hope to make this difficult time a little easier for you. We work in a caring and efficient manner possible to ensure minimal fees, court costs and taxes. 

The business side of probate. 
If you are a business owner or representative, many challenges arise when trying to collect payment of debts from an estate. Ihrig Law Firm is here to be your advocate and help make sure you receive what is owed to you. With a strong knowledge of how the probate system works, our attorneys can help you properly align all documentation to your claim, giving you priority during distribution and the best probability of full collection.

Streamlining in advance.
With some careful pre-planning, you can streamline, expedite and sometimes even avoid much of the probate process.  Having an estate plan, will or trust can help ensure your voice is heard even after you are gone. Visit Ihrig Law Firm’s estate planning section to learn more or call us today to talk through your specific situation.