Attorney Profiles

As a father and son partnership, Ihrig Law Firm’s history and bond spans far beyond desks and courtrooms. Just like many other family-run, multi-generational small businesses, the Ihrigs take great pride in the service they provide. Working together affords Jonathan and Andrew the opportunity to learn a great deal from each other, whether it’s today’s technology advancements or cases of yesterday used to glean legal expertise and strategy. Jonathan and Andrew are known by their peers for their commitment and love of the law, continually remaining true to judicial ethics, ideals and integrity. 

A passion for the law clearly flows in the Ihrig family’s blood. With Jonathan’s two other sons, Jared and Chad, also working as practicing attorneys out of state, the law is the family business, yet the clients remain the focus. The Ihrigs believe in the oaths upon which they swore. They believe that each individual has a right to his or her day in court. Every person has a voice. Everyone deserves to be heard.